In this article, you are going to find some words together like: architecture, tudor, bmw, creep, contrabass. It may be unusual for who lives in such complex era and still finds interesting to use many types of words together. Yet, we need to express that being interesting is not our only aim here. Our trouble is about change or metamorphosis. So these words need to be together to tell this.

To make this complicated text understandable and to design the process at the same time, let us list the tags that are going to be used.

BMW – Tudor – Johnny Cash – Contrabass – Bass Guitar – Radiohead – Creep – Youtube – [1080p] Radiohead The King Of Limbs From The Basement [Full Show + Supercollider] –The visual transformation of the musical bands – architecture and change

Adam gets into his latest model expensive BMW which seems quite futuristic and is resistant to external forces like wind. He has finished up work and goes to home. He listens to Radiohead in the car (if a gun is seen in a film, it definitely will burst, we will come back to Radiohead 🙂 ). Just then he arrives home. He gets out of the car and enters into his Tudor style mansion.

Question: Why does the guy drives a latest model car while he prefers a 16th century-looking house?

“Walk The Line” is a film which tells the life story of Johnny Cash. In the film, the band in which Johnny Cash performs; use contrabass instead of bass guitar. The reason is bass guitar was recently invented and not became widespread yet. Towards the end of the movie, contrabass gives way to bass guitar.

johnny cash and contrabass


Now contrabass is gone and bass guitar is there. Because, its size shows us that contrabass is a heavy instrument. It constrains your movements while you carry it. Bass guitar is however enables quick playing and obtaining different bass voices.

When contrabass was gone, the bands had changed both musically and visually. Their instruments were coming with them while the musicians jump around. (Except the drummer. For now!)

Radiohead is a band which has continued to renew its musical stance since 90s. They are persistent to try some innovations that they improved themselves. They are quite a popular group in contrast to the obstacle that prevents being popular due to the “experimental style”.

Using the same instruments, they turned the page to electronic music from a kind of musicality that can be considered as classical in its term like the song “Creep”. They are trying to make music in various beats, rhythms and sounds with the electric guitar which is generally used to play typical rock solo as you can see in the Youtube video called: [1080p] Radiohead – The King Of Limbs From The Basement [Full Show + Supercollider]. Then, can we say that, most probably either Radiohead or another band make electric guitar share the common fate with contrabass? And will the bands experience another visual change? Why not?

radiohead and electric guitar

When we look back to the relation between music and architecture as the technological needs for instruments to be useful and to have various tunes and the cars to be fast and safe, we need to find the needs for architecture. Factors like comfort and substantiality can be mentioned. However, if technology change the shape of buildings just to show its capability of doing this, it’s insincere. It should change something only if there is a need.

P.S. This article wasn’t written to find solutions or to prescribe but to bring new questions out.